Be Fabulous

Our vision is to provide quality, high service, value for money products and create long lasting relationships with our clients. With respect to the climate and nature, we provide ecofriendly solutions in all aspects of our business, from the yarns we use till the electrically charged cars we deliver our products.

Our goal is to become the first 100% green company and keep 100% our clients happy.

“Cultura Fabrica”

We love fabrics and we prove it. We cover the needs of commercial and residential application in upholstery, sheers, draperies, technical, high resistant, ecofriendly, antibacterial and FR products.

We work together with our clients to provide tailor made solutions that fit exactly their needs, providing all the relevant services.

We love walls and we want to make them attractive. Beside from our ready to order collection we are working with our clients and we are producing tailor made solutions. From woven products to digital print and embroidery.